On 18th December 1999 Lightwater Village Sign was unveiled at the village memorial by The Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr. Kenneth Pedder. A welcoming committee lead by The Acting Chairman of Lightwater Care, Mr J O H Norman, JP, opened proceedings, with a dedication made by The Vicar of Lightwater, The Revd. M J Horton, MA. This was followed by a Reception in Lightwater Village Library for all who attended the unveiling ceremony.

After unveiling the sign, The Mayor told the gathered crowd,

    "Lightwater Village sign has been organized by 'Lightwater Care' with a grant of 1,000 from Surrey heath Borough Council's Village Strategy Fund, the balance of the money coming from donations from villagers with the remainder being donated by Lightwater Care from their funds.

    "Paul Smith of Pankhurst Farm made the sign from sketches by Brigitte Minassian, and the Parish Council kindly erected it.

    "The design is symbolic of Lightwater, bringing in the country park, the lakes, the bogs and using the Church as a central focus."

The design:

The symbols contained in the sign represent:

The Three Green Trees   Since Lightwater is part of Chobham Ridges, the three trees are symbolic of The (Chobham) Clump and life being a continual growth, standing tall.

The Golden Sun   A source of light and warmth which is vital for all forms of life.

Long Rays   These are reaching out for the Community/ Friendship/Spirit and sending out warmth.

All Saints Church   A focal point in Lightwater with an all inviting - -

Open Door   For all to enter with lots of spiritual and social gatherings/events throughout the year, including its publication of a monthly village magazine.

Band of Brown   Symbolic of the Earth/Bog, necessary for the growth of the beautiful flora and fauna within Lightwater.

Band of Blue   Water, lakes and brooks vital for our wildlife, be it plants or animals.

Band of Green   The beautiful green countryside and parks for us to enjoy, with walks for all abilities.

All these symbols are contained and captured within a frame to remind us to wisely manage, love, enjoy, and proudly call our very own

Village of Lightwater

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