Street Index and Map of Lightwater

Street NameMap Ref
Alsford Close B3
All Saints Road C2
Alplin Way B2
Ambleside Road B2
Badger Drive B2
Barnett Lane B3
Birchtree View (26) C2
Birchwood Drive D2
Blackstroud Lane West D2
Blackthorn Drive C3
Bluebell Rise (38) C3
Briar Avenue B3/B2/C2
Broadway Road C2
Broom Field B3
Broomsquires Road B3
Burdock Close C3
Catena Rise (27) C1
Christie Close C1
Clear Springs B2
Colville Gardens C2
Coniston Court C2
Copthorne Drive (30) C1
Corbett Drive B3
Cranwell Grove B2
Curley Hill Road B2/B3
Deer Leap B2
Denley Way (32) C1
Derwent Road C2
Falcon Close B2
Fox Covert B2
Gale Drive B2
Glebe Close D2
Gorse bank (37) C3
Granwell Green C2
Grasmere Road C2
Guildford Road C1
Hammond Way C1
Herons Court C2
Highview Road A2/B2
Junction Road C2
Keswick Drive C2
Lightwater Bypass C1
Lightwater Meadow C2
Lightwater Road C2
Ling Drive B3
Lovells Close C1
Lowfield Close (33) C3
Macdonald Road B2/C2
Mallards Way B2
Maple Drive B2
Marshwood Road D2
Meadow Bank Road C2
Michelet Close (28) C1
Miles Place B3
Montague Close B1
Mount Pleasant Close B2
Myrtle Close C2
North Field (36) C3
Osborne Drive B2
Parnham Avenue D2
Perry Way B3
Quarry Bank B2
Ridgeway Close B2/C2
Riverside Avenue D2
Rydal Place C2
Shrublands Drive (34) C3
Sorrel Drive B2/B3
Spring Field D2
Spruce Drive B3
Stone Hill Road B1
Sundew Close D2
The Avenue B1/B2
The Close B1
The Orchard (35) C3
The Ridgeway C2
The Square (31) C1
The Willows D2
Turnville Close B2
Ullswater Close C2
Ullswater Road C2
Windermere Road (29) C1
Withy Close C2
Wychelm Road D2


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Map Courtesy: Halifax Property Services

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