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Views of Old Lightwater
Part II

(Photographs © Mr J.O.H. Norman, J.P. Lightwater. )

All Saints Choir, 1947.
(Circled, John Norman as a child choir member,
now sadly missed.)




The local St John Ambulance outside the Fire Station at Bagshot, c. late 1920's.



"The Argosy", corner of Guildford Road and Ambleside, c.1976



Bridge over the stream in Guildford road - the entrance to Riverside Road is now just beyond this and to the left - c. 1930



Guildford Road looking north towards the War Memorial,
c. mid 1930's



Junction Road, a winter's day in the late 1950's

Lightwater Post Office in the early 1930's

Ambleside Road near junction with Guildford Road
- note soldiers cooking a meal - c. late 1920's


And finally, did you know Lightwater once had another church?  Here you can see it at the junction of Guildford and MacDonald Roads (on the corner opposite 'Brons')  - c. early 1930's

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